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On the Mention of True Friends

Dedicated to: Melissa Brown, Robin Winkfield, Kenya Blake, Shannon Walker, Felicia Ward, Tera West, Reylene Medina, Roberta Matlock, Kerisha Anderson

Thank you for the impact you have had in my life. You are a blessing to me!

This week I have been fortunate enough to travel from Kentucky to Virginia to visit my friend of 27 years. The experience of reminiscing about our younger days, laughing about some experiences, and crying about others, has motivated me to write a blog about friendship in its truest forms.

Some friendships develop over a time span; we have known these friends for years maybe even since childhood. These are the friendships that last a lifetime. No matter how much time passes, you can always just seem to pick up where you left off. Other friendships are developed as we become adults. We stay in touch but are often interrupted by tumultous schedules, job relocation, and life events. However, as adults you come to recognize that your friends have priorities and preeminent obligations in their lives. Therefore, there is no qualm or lack of understanding when a friend cannot connect or seems busy with life.

In either type of friendship there should be a sense of mutual caring and appreciation. Bonds are developed and are so deep that no matter how much time physically passes between friends, they can always pick up just where they left off. No amount of elapsed time can change how we feel about our friends. These are our true friends and are the ones that we cherish most!

I have to admit that I faced many challenges growing up. With everything that I had going on both mentally and physically, it was an obstacle for me to develop friends. To be point blank honest, I was socially awkward; I wanted to fit in but didn’t know how! These coming of age experiences did not lead me to make the best decisions. Candidly, I will say that I would NOT have been friends with me.

During that time and even into adulthood there were individuals that entered into my life who remain faithful friends. They have been there for me during the best and worst times of my life. They have celebrated with me and have cried with me too. They have been a shoulder to cry on, and have held my hand when needed. They have picked me up when I have fallen. When I felt isolated and alone, they have sat by me in my darkest hour. They have stood by me so that I did not have to walk alone. They have shown me patience and grace when I may not have deserved it. They have forgiven me when I was wrong. They have hugged me tight when I could not hold myself up. They have been Mama to my children when I mentally just could not. They have loved me through the wrong decisions I have made without judgment. These are my true friends who have always been there through mind, body, heart, and soul.

Your true friends make you better. You grow together and you strive together! They can transform your sadness to happiness and can turn a cry into a laugh! Many times they know you better than you know yourself. No matter how much time, distance, and events pass they are there. You can feel confident in realizing that your true friends will always have your best interest in mind.

My true friends, I am so thankful for you. You have left an imprint on my heart that will last for all eternity. I love you!

Published by Meka Kelly

Hello Queens and SuperWomen!! Welcome to my blog site! My name is Meka Kelly. I am excited you are here! Let me tell you a little bit about me and my WHY for this blog! I am a 40 something wife, mother of 2, a full time public servant school teacher, and I also tutor as well. My passion is to teach children to gain a love for literacy! This is my calling and I have been in education now for over 2 decades! My WHY for this blog is this: * Women serve in multiple roles - mother, professional, spouse, aunt, sister, daughter, niece, supporter * Women take on a LOT and it becomes overwhelming * Women hold in a lot and do not take time to self care * Women are the pillars and the structure for their families; often we do not focus on ourselves Because of these factors, I have come to realize through my own experiences that we as women need outlets. Here is a place for alacrity, positivity, self-reflection, and healing! I hope this blog will be beneficial to my queens and superwomen! Meka Kelly

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