Sharing Your Gifts With the World!

Are You Willing to Toot Your Own Horn?
Image BY: Jodi Chapman

Matthew 25: 14-30 illustrates a beautiful metaphor of talents as gifts and abilities we have been given in service to others. Matthew paints a picture of a wealthy master who gives three of his servants talents—5, 2, and 1 talent respectively. The first and second servants given 5 and 2 talents double what they have been given and the third servant, given 1 talent, buries what he has been given in the ground. With the servants who utilize their talents, the master is pleased and with the third servant who is too fearful to utilize his talents, the master admonishes him. The relationship between master and servant can be a metaphor for our relationship with God, who gifts each of us with unique talents, and asks that we utilize them in the concreteness of our daily lives.

To share our talents is to represent being a good steward of God and being Christlike. As demonstrated through the scriputure, it is imperative that we hone into our personal gifts and talents by sharing them with others. By engaging and allowing others to see US and OUR gifts, we are contributing to the world. We are also further developing our relationship with God and our talents/gifts will multiply!

” You were given your gift for the joy you may give in return,” Dr. Cornelius Edmore Adison. We all as individuals have one unique trait that makes us distinctive. What the quote and scripture are stating is that no matter how large or small our gift is, we make impactful differences when we do share our talents/gifts! By sharing your gift, you are encompassing talents, motivations, and inspiration in others; you may not even know the difference you are making. As an educator, I have come to realize that if I reach just one student, just one, I have made an influence. Below is a list of reasons why it is important to show who you are and why sharing your God given gifts are relevant:

  • Inspire and Motivate others – I have had many people throughout my life that have inspired and motivated me. Some are not even aware of the change they made in my life. You never know how one little thing you do, say, or share can benefit others.
  • Make New Connections – Sharing your talents/gifts can bring you many new opportunities! Through my gift of writing, I have been introduced to other fabulous writers and artists. I also have been able to grow in my passion for writing by benefitting from several blog groups, writing organizations etc.
  • Brighten Someone’s Day – Enough said! Your gift is someone’s blessing!
  • Builds Self-Esteem & Confidence – Do you know how therapeutic writing has been for me? Over the years, I look back on my various writings and realize how much I have grown, evolved, and changed! Sharing this gift has also enabled me to develop as a speaker; I love working with others to find their voice as well!
  • Sharing is Caring – Simply put, sharing your talents/gift with others is a means of showing that you care. You care about your talent and you care about their well being too!

Gifts are to convey expression and are meant to be shared. Your uniqueness will offer the world motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. The confirmation for you will come in the abundant blessings you will receive. There is no need for validation or a means of seeking appreciation; you will not go unnoticed. Queens there are people out there in the world that need what you possess; be a benefit to others while at the same time being an asset to yourself!

Share Your Gifts!! Share Your Talents!!

Published by Meka Kelly

Hello Queens and SuperWomen!! Welcome to my blog site! My name is Meka Kelly. I am excited you are here! Let me tell you a little bit about me and my WHY for this blog! I am a 40 something wife, mother of 2, a full time public servant school teacher, and I also tutor as well. My passion is to teach children to gain a love for literacy! This is my calling and I have been in education now for over 2 decades! My WHY for this blog is this: * Women serve in multiple roles - mother, professional, spouse, aunt, sister, daughter, niece, supporter * Women take on a LOT and it becomes overwhelming * Women hold in a lot and do not take time to self care * Women are the pillars and the structure for their families; often we do not focus on ourselves Because of these factors, I have come to realize through my own experiences that we as women need outlets. Here is a place for alacrity, positivity, self-reflection, and healing! I hope this blog will be beneficial to my queens and superwomen! Meka Kelly

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